R&D Processs

Partner with Epistar, leader in mid power dies, cooperation on LED die level (CSP, Flip Chip)

Own package design using new substrates and innovative packaging structures. Close cooperation with leading LED packaging suppliers such as Seoul Semiconductor, CREE, Edison for latest LED performance.

Analysis and optimized design base on different chip and packaging soluton, complying to local legislation on power factor and EMC. Electronics R&D team, fast turnaround of new driver and electronic designs

Optimized design between aesthetics and performance. Design team with artistic, cosmetic and innovation sense.

Adopt new material to ensure the reliabilty (heat conduction, isolation, fire prevetion and ect.) of products.

Optical R&D team solving light distribution for products. To ensure beam spread meets legislation requirements.

Professional thermal simulation analysis ensures long life span and good reliability of products.

Provide various art and structure design for all purpose (promotion display, safe transportation and commercial use)